Welcome to AmeriLife. From its simple, store-front founding in rural Florida in 1971, AmeriLife has grown into the nation's premier annuity, life and health insurance marketing and distribution company headquartered in Clearwater, Florida.

The AmeriLife Group of companies includes nearly 20 marketing organizations and 50 career agencies nationally, working with over 100,000 independent insurance agents from California to the Carolinas. Our remarkable growth is the result of vision and innovation, resulting in record expansion, production, sales and profits in recent years.

Representing more than 75 national top-rated insurance carriers, AmeriLife provides independent agents with an array of proprietary products and policy options. From Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans to prescription drug plans (Part D) and various income-providing annuities, life and health insurance policies, and long-term care products, we strive to deliver the best products to meet our clients' needs.

In just over four decades, we have grown steadily to become one of the largest insurance marketing and distribution companies in the United States.